Club motif creates non-commercial, artisinal wines grown in the magma of our own volcano.  Motif exists for those dedicated to the ultimate signature of the soils... painstakingly expressed through the ultimate terroir.  Motif wines evolve from carefully selected rows and sections determined from nearly two decades of multi-university research. Motif is hand-bottled and labeled, unfiltered and aged with subtle oak influence for up to five years.  Motif is a Natural Wine (no chemical additives or barrel affectations), derived from a Natural Vineyard (no genetically mutated hybrids), created in a Natural Winery (a cellar environment... only natural heating & cooling) -- a sublime triad that no known winery can duplicate.

two bottles two times per year
complimentary membership
20% discount on all orders & merchandise
memorable winery & gallery events
informative, art inspired newsletter

online form will soon be available. 

please call 805.238.9392 ext. 3 or 800.282.0730 for information and to join. 

also e-mail for questions and to join motif club.